About Us

The South Coast New Muslims Project (SCNMP) is a support network for new Muslims and for those who are interested in learning about Islam. Although the majority of the members are based in and around the Southampton area, we also have a lot of members from many other towns and cities and are also connected to the national New Muslim network.

Though new Muslims are a minority within the Muslim minority, and despite everyday media negativity on Islam and Muslims, more and more people are still continuing to join Islam. We as an initiative aim to bring together new Muslims in the Southampton (and regional) area – all those who have become Muslim, who know or are related to a new Muslim or simply those who are interested in Islam and want to find out more.

We have four main intentions:

  • To answer questions from new Muslims and/or their non-Muslim parents or families.
  • To put on regular events for new Muslims if required.
  • To help new Muslims gain access to the wider Muslim community.
  • To provide access to information and education about Islam and its teachings.

Becoming a Muslim can be a daunting experience and it can be difficult for new Muslims to find the Muslim community or take part in it. We hope to change that insha’allah by helping new Muslims to gain the confidence to access the existing Muslim communities. Please keep checking the website for regular updates and information on upcoming events and opportunities to get involved.